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Global DARE Foundation is hosting DARE Fest 2023 from June 10-18th. This event is the second annual Refsum Awareness Week. During the week, we host a variety of exciting virtual events and activities to educate, raise awareness, build community around the world and have some fun. The event is for the entire Refsum Community including patients, caregivers, clinicians, dietitians, researchers and passionate supporters. 

Women's Race

5K Activity

 A virtual 5K activity (run, walk, bike, swim, roll, etc.) that can take place throughout the week either individually or as groups.   Tickets for the 5K are $29 and will give you 1 entry in the Amazon Giveaway Raffle.

Food blog

Refsum Diet Challenge

 A challenge to comply with the Refsum diet that anyone can participate in for either 5 days, 7 days or 9 days.  Tickets for the diet challenge are $29 and will give you 1 entry in the Amazon Giveaway Raffle. Read to challenge rules

Focused Mind

Mindfulness Webinar

A mindfulness practice webinar to focus on mental health. This will kick-off DARE Fest on June 10th at 11am Eastern time. Tickets for the webinar are $0 and will give you 1 entry in the Amazon Giveaway Raffle.

DARE Fest 2023 Events & Activities

Combo & Special Donor Tickets: A discounted ticket will be available for $49 for those participating in both the 5K and the diet challenge.  Combo tickets will give you 2 entries in the Amazon Giveaway Raffle. Special donor tickets are available for those wanting to support Global DARE Foundation's programs.

Free Giveaway:  Anyone donating or fundraising at least $100 will receive a free microfiber cloth with the DARE Fest logo you can use to clean your glasses, computer screens, phone screen, etc.

$100 US Amazon Giveaway Raffle:  For every $100 donated/fundraised and every unique social post (diet recipe, 5K picture, mindfulness activity complete) with hashtag DARE Fest (#DAREFest), a ticket will be given for entry into a giveaway raffle. As an example, if you have 2 unique posts and $200 donated/fundraised, you would receive 4 tickets into the raffle. Social media channels tracked will be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter..  


There are 5  $100 US Amazon gift cards available for the Giveaway raffle!


We have created special festival merchandise. Access the DARE Fest Store to purchase event t-shirts, hoodies, bags and mugs. Part of the proceeds will be provided to Global DARE Foundation.

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