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London Center of Excellence


The London Adult Refsum Clinic is at the Center of Inherited Metabolic Diseases at Guys and St. Thomas' Hospital in London, UK.  The center provides care for individuals diagnosed with with Refsum Disease and other inherited metabolic conditions. Watch the short video below by Dr. Radha Ramachandran to learn more about this center.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The multidisciplinary approach includes a consultant in Adult inherited metabolic disorders, dietetic support, clinical nurse specialist, and clinical pharmacist. They work closely with all of the other departments at Guys and St. Thomas Hospital and can make specific referrals, as needed.


Please contact the office at to schedule your appointment today. 

Meet The Team

Radha Ramchandran.jpg

Consultant in adult inherited metabolic diseases


Consultant in Metabolic Medicine/Chemical Pathology

Sarah Firman.JPG

Sarah Firman



Eleanor Baldwin


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